9,5 km of coastline

No less than six beaches and all having their characteristics
clean: sand, pebbles or chippings, small, large, quiet,
alive, there is plenty of choice. Moreover the Port of Boucains have
 their favorite, the one they would leave for nothing in the world. And
each of these beaches is the subject of special attention,
especially at the beginning of the summer season, so that everyone can enjoy it in the best conditions.
La plage de Bottaï, où se trouve votre camping

Beach preparation

But before the opening of the beaches, the municipality is carrying out major preparatory work: peeling the pebbles to rehabilitate after a year of bad weather of all kinds, rip-rap to maintain the embankments, clearing the coastal road, removal of waste dumped by the sea …
Then, throughout the year, cleaning actions are carried out with the participation of the social centers, associations and the environmental service of the city. Young neighborhoods are involved in the preservation of their beach, feel concerned and enthusiastic, from the smallest to the teenager, by the refurbishment of their future summer recreation area. One can also see on some beaches the panels “Beach maintained by young people” that show their commitment to these environmental actions. During the summer season the beach cleaning is done daily and it is carried out alternately by the environmental service of the town hall and by an integration company for the disabled.

Finally, the preparatory work can be concluded by marking the bathing water with the installation of buoys.

From July 1 to August 31, the town hall employs seasonal workers to watch the beaches every afternoon. Attention, they are not rescuers at sea, they are posted on the beach and warn the rescue in case of problems.
Sand, pebbles, chippings …

Beach Aigues Douces: beach at the foot of the district of Aigues Douces, sandy beach
Beach of the Combatants: gravel and pebble beach
Bear Beach: pebble beach
Bottai Beach: sandy beach
Cheese Beach: sandy beach
Ants beach: sandy beach

These six beaches are allowed for swimming, from June 1 to September 30 but are not monitored.

How will you enjoy the summer?

There is something for everyone on the beaches of Port de Bouc. There are those who prefer to sunbathe as a family, alone or with friends, and chat on the bath towel. And then there are those who overflow with energy and are unable to stay in place for more than three minutes. For them, the solution is sports activities proposed by the municipality or associations of the city.

The city sports the Blue Flag, which rewards its efforts in favor of a strong environmental policy, and marks its commitment to improve every day our lifestyle port de boucain.
The label

Created in 1985, the blue flag is an eco-label that symbolizes exemplary environmental quality. As such, it promotes a general awareness of behavior more respectful of nature and its wealth. And it is not only interested in the quality of beaches or bathing waters (which is still the most important criterion because eliminatory criterion), it takes into account a set of criteria related to the living environment in a way general education and public awareness of the environment, waste management and water management.