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The “Sardinades” and Mediterranean specialties 

Port de Bouc’s “Sardinades” are known and renowned for the quality of their organisation, their convivial atmosphere and the variety of the specialties they propose.

During the two summer months, the “Renaissance” Pleasure Port turns into a festive village, where the town’s restaurant owners and Promoter association implement their know-how to offer visitors to taste various specialties: mussels, shrimp, and lobsters… not to forget grilled sardines, which are at the centre of this event.

Kid games, handicraft evening events, boat trip and orchestras complement the animation of these summer evenings under the stars, to make it an indispensable event in the Region.

Next to the “Sardinades” site, the restaurant owners and ice cream maker offer their terrace to the guests, like an invitation to travel around the Mediterranean Sea.

le site des sardinades